The Sunshine Points to an Unseen Boundary(2018-ongoing)

The Sunshine Points to an Unseen Boundary(2018-ongoing)

阳光标刻了无形的边界 | The Sunshine Points to an Unseen Boundary

Photo Print, Transparent Acrylic Box, 30x40x35 cm


在我生活过的城市,政府持续推进城市化建设进程,城市的边缘不断扩张。我观察到了这种城市与 自然的模糊边界:它像是印证了人造物蹩脚的伪装,也是自然生机流露的地方。

与被期待是整洁、秩序的现代城市相对,自然中的植物杂乱、自由生长。但即便是人造物,似乎也 在遵守生物循环的规律:与自然生物的衰败、死亡、被分解相似,人造物被人类消耗、抛弃、遗忘。


In several cities I have lived in China, the governments is constantly processing urbanization projects and expanding the city’s borders. The process of building cities is like a zero-sum game between human and nature. While removing the plants for construction, humans are also building landscapes that mimic nature, such as plant landscapes and animal models as decoration. Meanwhile, traces of nature still appear on the neglectful corners.
This boundaries between city and nature becomes amphibolous. It seemed like a confirmation to the inferior imitation of nature by the man-made objects, as well as a place where nature life can exude. Different from the tidy modern cities, plants are growing freely and chaotically. Man-made objects also follow the lifecycle as the decay and death of natural creatures from the human behavior: consumption, abandonment and forgetting.
With this humorous viewing displayed, I shifted my perspective to reduce the distance between the traces of nature and man-made objects, juxtaposed the two.