A Reclining Mind (Ⅰ)

A Reclining Mind (Ⅰ)

前篇:平卧的女人 | Part Ⅰ: Casida de la Mujer Tendida



Using Federico García Lorca’s poem Casida de la Mujer Tendida as a guidance, this work focuses on the body, discusses the states of “life” and “death”, and makes veiled reference to the process of transition between them. I tried to make the “plastic man” look like a living creature, while preserving their inorganic texture. In front of the camera, the living human and the inanimate substance are equal. By creating a dreamy atmosphere, the activities of the mannequin do not seem so absurd. Meanwhile, the concept of “death” is often associated with sleep, and the “afterlife” is often associated with dreams.

>一个倾向|A Reclining Mind

>后篇:追寻|Part Ⅱ: Pursuing