A Reclining Mind(2021)

A Reclining Mind(2021)

一个倾向 | A Reclining Mind

Photo Print, Paper, Mannequin, Hair Piece, Picture Rail, Video (color, sound) 3’57”, 4’54”



实际谈论这个问题时,除了肉体的消亡,精神的“停滞/枯竭”也会被称作“死亡”。在精神层面,如果追寻是“生”,平静被动地接受就是“死”;在现实的实践中,“被动接受”往往比“冒险探索”更安全、更远离“死亡”。此时便难以辨明“追寻”和“接受”与“生” “死”的对应关系。不论生与死的关系,还是这种探寻的过程,都像是倾斜中不可拒绝的趋向。

Consisting of two videos, this project discusses life and death with plastic mannequin, allows the concept to move further away from living things, away from the specifics of biological aging or decay, allowing the audience to focus on the concept of “life and death” rationally. The mannequin, which does not age and has smooth skin, could also be seen as an “ideal human”. They are displayed as advertisements in clothing shops, selling an ideal fantasy to mankind.

There are tales about people seeking ideal things in different cultures. While in the real world, “ideal” does not exist, just as “death” is unreachable to the living beings. Sometimes the boundary between “life” and “death” is often blurred, and there are various legends of the cycle between them. In addition to physical death, spiritual “stagnation/exhaustion” can be also called “death.” Spiritually, if “active pursuit” is “life”, “passive acceptance” is “death”. While physically, exploration may brings dangers, mediocrity means a safe zone.