I Wasn’t There(2020-2021)

I Wasn’t There(2020-2021)

我不在那里 | I Wasn’t There

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我长期体验到与环境、他人甚至自身的疏离,这或许源于童年时我在家中常体会到 “不在场”:我隐藏自己的真实想法,当时我心中所想,与我实际表现出的反应并不相同。



Based on my childhood memories, this work analyses the problems of Chinese families by exploring the conflicts between parents and children, which are mainly caused by traditional Chinese culture. In most Chinese family, the only criterion for judging a child is whether the child listens to their parents or not.

As obedience is more important, children are not encouraged to express their true feelings. Therefore, some children choose to hide their true feelings. This leads to a gap between the child’s true feeling and the reaction in real life. Just like an “absence” experience: their body was reacting to their parents, while their mind was merely observing the reality. They were not there.

These memories often replay in my mind, making me feel trapped in the past and unable to move forward. I wanted to let go of these memories by completing this group of photographs, expressing them openly and exposes these scenes.