Meditation in the City Night(2019-2020)

Meditation in the City Night(2019-2020)

城市夜晚的出神 | Meditation in the City Night

Dimensions Variable, Video Installation, Seven-Channel Video (color, sound) and Mirrors


My impression of the city night is composed of lights: the light of cars, street lamp, neon signs, LED Displays … People are surrounded by artificial lights. At nights, when I am in a trance in the street, I often be immersed in observing the regular changes of the lights. 

Those lights keep changing, following a predetermined pattern, creating a more peaceful and harmonious world than daytime. During the trance, the lights mesmerize my mind, I can relax myself and enter a state close to meditation. This kind of relaxation is very precious in modern city life, where it is hard to avoid information anxiety. In this kind of viewing, the lights — originally created for the purpose of transmitting information — loses its function of expressing information and becomes a kind of pure color light. The noise of city road becomes a soothing white noise. It is like the experience that Zen can bring. 

The videos are played in a hexagonal room — three of the walls are mirrors, the other three walls are screens. The ceiling and floor are also mirror. Each screen has its own pattern, yet the patterns barely have connections between them. The inconsistency here is to inherit the nature of city lights, which differs from one to another, in the cityscape. The mirrors reflect the image on screens, the viewers will be surrounded by city lights. The different screens each show fragments of different view of city lights. 

Walking into this space, the viewers can be mesmerized by the regular changes of these lights. Rest in the meaningless colorful lights, experience the meditation even in a modern city with information anxiety.

Video (5’17”):

Render Effect (1’15”):