The Mirror Man (2020)

The Mirror Man (2020)

镜人 | The Mirror Man

Dimensions Variable, Single-Channel Video (color, sound) 4’12”

A documentation of a performance in public.



影片展示了虚构角色“镜人(Mirror Man)”在人群中的日常生活片段。在人脸上,口发出声音表达观点,表情是人对外界信息的反馈。但镜人本该接收信息、对外界做出反馈的五官被两面向外的镜子完全遮挡,在其他人看来,他仅仅在反射外界——如同不再表达自己、只是不经思考地附和他人的人。与此同时,外界信息似乎也无法被镜子人真正接收到。这些拒绝表达观点的人就存在于我们身边,行为与常人没有不同。



Exposing one’s opinion may led to an argument, then hiding one’s opinion and simply chime in with others can be relatively safe. No responsibility and no risk–this commonly accepted view of social interaction in modern society is discussed in this work.

‘Mirror Man’, a fictional character, his facial features, which are supposed to receive information and give feedback to the outside world, are completely obscured by two outward-facing mirrors. As a case in point, the person who no longer expresses himself merely echoes others’ ideas without thinking. At the same time, it seems that Mirror Man does not really receive information from the outside world.  

The video documentation is about a series of daily acts performed by Mirror Man in public places. Mirror Man just walk into these places with no warning, standing or sitting still and reflecting his surroundings, or doing the same thing as the people around him. Immersing in a consumerist lifestyle, the other people do not pay extra attention to Mirror Man, as he is no different from anyone else. 

Should this state of “reflection” be maintained? Are we doing the same thing as the Mirror Man?